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Interiors 101 – Interior Painting for Maximum Impact

Paired paint cards with fabric swatches. Start with an object in your room that you love to help you choose an interior painting palette.
Pair paint sample cards with fabric swatches. Start with an object in your room that you love to help you choose a palette.

How do you get the maximum impact from your interior painting project?

Interior painting is one of the easiest ways to give your house a facelift – without the budget-busting cost. This is because a fresh coat of paint instantly makes a room look better maintained and more inviting – provided the paint job has been well executed. So the key to painting for maximum impact is to plan your project well, choose the right colour, and engage an experienced painter to ensure a professional finish.  

Things to consider when painting a room

The space

To choose the right paint colour, start by considering the space you’ll be decorating.  

A good way to decide on a palette is to start with an object from the room that you love. Take it along to the hardware store and select three colours that match your item. Bring colour cards or sample pots home and get a feel for how the colours look in the space.  

You’ll need to choose one colour for the walls, saving the other two for accents and décor you’ll add to the room.  

Available light

Light is an extraordinary thing. It can transform the appearance of something in unanticipated ways. Just think of how the golden light of evening creates an ethereal glow.  

Similarly, a mismatch between a paint colour and the available light can create disaster. For example, a black wall may be a striking complement to an otherwise white-walled room full of windows. However, put that same black wall in a dark entryway and the thought ‘bat cave’ may come to mind.  

This is why it is important to consider the natural and artificial light sources in a room when considering interior painting. Once you’ve done this, select your top 3 paint colours and paint a sample strip onto the wall in question. See how the colour behaves at different times of day.  

Room size

Remember to work with your room size.  

For small rooms, you’ll want to create a more open, spacious feel. Lighter colours, including crisp whites, are best for this.  

Large rooms may be desirable but can sometimes be unwelcoming. To create a cosier feel, consider a bold colour palette including warm hues.  

The purpose of your renovation

If you’re selling your home and considering interior painting to refresh the spaces, stick with more traditional paint choices such as whites and pale pastels. These are less likely to be polarising to buyers. 

If you’re painting your home to live in it, you’re free to follow any trend that appeals. Go for your life!  

Now that you have your paint colours sorted, contact interior painting specialists, AJ Cochrane & Sons. We’ll help you get the paint finish your room deserves!  

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