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How to sell your house fast!

A fresh coat of paint can help get ready to sell
Painter Mosman Park

Summer is almost here and given this is peak selling season, you might be one of those people wanting to put your house on the market.

More than likely your home is very loved, but it’s probably also looking a little tired.

Given first impressions are so very important it’s worth looking at giving it a paint job as this will make your beloved home not only more appealing  but potentially increase its property value too.

Here are some things to think about before embarking on painting your home.

Be smart with your colour choices

One of the most important decisions you will make is in the choice of colour – vivid colours tend not to be a good choice. As much as you might love your existing colour scheme, you will get the best price for your house if you de-personalise. As much as possible your house needs to be a blank canvas so potential buyers can visualise their own choices in it. If you’re unsure about the current colour trends, visit the expert at your local paint shop.

Professional or DIY?

When considering painting your house don’t rule out hiring a professional, they have all the experience to get the job done right. If your budget won’t stretch that far, consider splitting the jobs. You could do the interior walls yourself to save money and hire a professional to do the trickier jobs including the ceiling and house exterior.

Touch up for high impact

It’s possible your whole house might not require painting, but could benefit from a few touch ups in weathered areas.  Front doors and window sills tend to take a thrashing from the harsh Australian sun causing blistering and peeling. These are a good place to start when it comes to touch-ups.

Get expert advice

Whether you’re painting  your whole house or just part of it preparation is key. Your first stop should be an expert paint retailer for advice on types of paint, primers, filler, masking tape and drop sheets.

Preparation and paint

Good and thorough preparation will ensure a professional finish and if you’ve consulted with your local paint shop, you now have all the tools of the trade to commence the job at hand.

Here’s a post we wrote previously about preparing a surface for painting.

And here is a post we’ve written about doing the actual painting.

Almost finished

Once you’re done painting, don’t stop there! There are few other little things that will give the presentation of your home a big boost.

Externally you can mow your lawn (of course!),  plant colourful flowers in pots, put a welcome mat at the front steps, wash exterior windows and the front porch light and clear away visible cobwebs away.

Internally move your furniture off the walls to create walkways and make the rooms feel more open. If you can afford to, replace old worn carpet (you will get your money back twofold on this!) Eliminate pet or cooking odours. Open windows, light a candle or brew coffee.  Nothing smells better than freshly brewed coffee wafting through the house.

All together these changes will further enhance the fresh and clean appearance of your house, and ensure it is ready and raring to be sold.

Happy selling!

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