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How-To Guide: Fixing Chipped or Flaking Paint on a Wall

Chipped Paint Repair

Chipped Paint


How To Fix Chipped Paint On Walls

If you have chipped or flaking paint on your walls, it can impact the look and feel of the entire room. Chipped and flaking or peeling paint can make spaces seem drab and tired, no matter how you style the room otherwise.  

Should you DIY?

Fixing chipped paint on walls yourself is not an impossible task but it can be difficult to pull off. The below is intended as a ‘how to’ guide but consider the fact that repainting interior walls is not a costly endeavour. Perhaps this is a job better left to Perth’s best interior painters. 

Chipped Paint


How to fix chipped paint on walls

  1. The first thing that you’re going to need to do is start with a clean surface, or as clean as humanly possible. Invest in some good sugar soap or similar from your local hardware retailer and give those walls a great wash down before you start work. Do not underestimate the importance of working with a clean surface! 
  2. Following your deep clean, carefully scrape off any loose paint. Be careful here to not incur any further damage to the surface. Work your way down carefully to ensure you have as smooth a finish as possible before you begin the hard work. Take your time and keep your patience! 
  3. Apply spackle (usually intended for small fix jobs on drywalls and plaster) to the area. You can use a taping knife to make sure you are applying the mixture smoothly. It’s important to apply the right amount of pressure here and a light hand is better than a heavy one. Once the spackle is applied you will not be able to remove it without further destroying the paint that lies beneath.  
  4. Once the spackle is dry, break out your sanding equipment. Sand until the impacted area is smooth to the touch and flush with the rest of the wall.  
  5. Bring out that steady hand again! It’s time to apply your primer and paint. You want to go in with the intention to only apply a single coat otherwise the spot will be obvious to the naked eye.  

What can go wrong?

Many people rush in and paint directly onto the surface. Without proper preparation, your cure may be worse than your problem! The paint will sit ‘lower’ than the surrounding areas and will draw attention to itself.  

It can be difficult to find appropriate shades of paint that are a direct match with the original colour. Colour matching can be a difficult process if you are doing a job yourself.  As professional house and commercial painters Perth rely on for flawless results, AJ Cochrane & Sons recommend Dulux to get a colour match as Dulux is the only paint provider that can offer a 100% guarantee on a paint colour match.

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