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How do I choose a painter for my house – comparing quotes

Couple choosing a painter, comparing quotes
Couple choosing a painter, comparing quotes

Like anything else there are big differences between painters when it comes to ability, skills, knowledge and professionalism.

So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and figure out who is the best painter for you? Especially when the most tempting thing to do is compare painters on price.

The answer lies in the outcome that you are looking for.

You’re either looking for a quality paint job that represents good value for your money … or quality of work and service don’t matter to you at all, you just want the cheapest price you can get.

If it’s the former that you want … read on.

How to find a quality painter for your house

  1. If you are in Perth, start with the Master Painters Association (08 9471 6662) and ask for three recommendations in your area. You can also try ringing Dulux on 132 525 and asking the same question (every Dulux accredited painter is a quality painter).
  2. Call the recommended painters and interview them over the phone. Listen to them as they speak to you. If they do not inspire you with confidence, or don’t sound ‘quite right’, then strike them off the list.
  3. Invite the painters who you felt comfortable with to come to your home/site and provide an on-site estimate. This is essential for them to quote accurately.

In addition to the on-site estimate you should then ask the painters who are quoting the job for you to provide the following information:

  • Referrals from at least two past customers, complete with a contact number. If they cannot provide this, then do not go with this painter.
  • An indication of how many men will work on your house and how long will the job take.
  • Evidence that they are registered and insured
  • An indication of the brand and quality of paint will you be using
  • The number of coats the paint manufacturer recommends and how many coats they will be applying
  • An indication of how they will dispose of the rubbish and old paint
  • What bathroom arrangements they will require
  • An indication of whether their quote is “all inclusive” or could there be additional charges for work.
  • What the payment arrangements for the job are
  • What guarantee they will provide you with at the end of the job.

If you follow the above instructions then you are giving yourself the very best chance of choosing between apples and apples for your paint job … and being thrilled with the results at the end.