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Your Winter project: get ready for Spring!

It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s Winter.

But we’re already halfway through Perth’s coldest months and before we know it, Spring will be upon us and making our souls smile.

Leo Tolstoy once said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects” and if you want to make the most of those Spring months, best you start planning now!

Here are three things Spring is a great time for:

1. A time to paint

Nothing smartens up a house as much as a new coat of paint, and spring with its warm and dry days, is the perfect time. Winter is damp and wet with high humidity, not ideal conditions for painting projects. (With the high humidity you also run the risk of moisture getting trapped beneath painted surfaces, which can create bubbles.) Whereas in summer it is the opposite, paint dries out incredibly fast and you may experience paint clumps and brush marks.

Talk to a painting professional before the end of winter if you are keen to DIY so you can be sure you are set up with all the correct equipment and ready to go as soon as the weather changes. (Or better still why not leave it to the professional and save your energy for all those other jobs that need doing around the house.)

2. A time for renewal

Activate a spring rejuvenation program with these simple tasks and ideas:

  • Clean those windows and be ready to let that wonderful warm sunshine into your house.
  • Bring instant spring to your kitchen: display a bowl of lemons and a vase of tulips, or daffodils. Adding the colour yellow to any room will make us feel happy and joyful.
  • Re-organise your cupboards. In the bedroom sort out clothes that you don’t wear anymore and take them to a charity shop. Kitchen pantries are always in need of a good going over, shelves usually need a thorough clean and out of date products need to be disposed of.
  • De-clutter, gosh we collect a lot of stuff during the winter months. Donate or put those items into a recycle bin.
  • Accessorise with some pretty new towels in the bathroom. Don’t forget the family room, add some new cushions, co-ordinate the colours to work in well with your newly painted walls.
  • The bedroom, nothing brightens us up more than changing our bedding. You can pick up some real bargains during the winter months, so don’t leave it too late and end up paying full price.
  • Hard to believe but something as minor as re-arranging your furniture can lift and rejuvenate a room, so give it ago.

3. A time to sell

Thinking of selling your house? Spring is the ideal time to get organised and improve your house appeal for potential buyers. Real estate comes alive during spring and studies show it is usually one of the busiest times for home sales. Definitely don’t wait until summer to get your house on the market. Get organised early with all those jobs that will ensure your house is hard to resist and will bring you the best price.

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