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Your 6-point checklist for engaging a roof painter

None of us thinks much about the roof on our house until it starts to leak or when it is clearly appearing to be in bad shape. Being the first line of defence against the sun, wind, rain and hail it makes sense to keep our roof in good condition. Doing so will also help to improve the value of our home.

In recent times there have been some dodgy roof restorers knocking on doors, offering cheap deals which rarely pan out the way they should. This 6-point checklist will hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls when engaging a painter for your roof restoration.

  1. Be wary of people who market their services by coming to your door. Be wary, also, of anyone who tries to pressure you into signing on the spot. Well-respected professional painters never operate this way.
  2. Only employ registered painters for any work involving roof coating (tiles or tin). This also applies to other types of painting in your home. You have no recourse if something goes wrong with an unregistered painter.
  3. Unless it’s a very small job, always obtain more than one quote, in writing. And take your time deciding who should do the job. Remember you are fully entitled to say ‘no’.
  4. Professional painters will always include the following in their written quote: preparation details, paint materials and sealers to be used, a full breakdown of costs, and their painter’s registration details. If you receive a quote without these details make sure you ask for more information.
  5. It is worthwhile to check the business registration details with the national register of business names available online at
  6. Never pay a large deposit. 10 – 20 per cent deposit is more than sufficient. If you require more information relating to deposits, check out the Home Building Contracts Act 1991.

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