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Dulux launches its 2014 Colour Forecast

Pushing the boundaries of traditional interior aesthetics is the theme behind the Dulux 2014 Colour Forecast. Entitled Future Tribes, the four colour palettes will inspire architects, designers and specifiers across Australia to introduce new ideas into their creative repertoire.

With a strong European influence, the four distinct Future Tribe’s trends represent ideologies associated with the rising integration of global communities and cultures.

With a renewed focus on openness, sharing and collaboration, The Digital Nomad, The Retro Visionaries, The Precious Elementals and The Romantic Spirits are representative of future directions.

While the colours, and visual effects they create, could not be more different from palette to palette, the fundamentals are much the same; encouraging exploration while embracing the sublime feeling of being at home.

Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications manager notes that the 2014 Colour Forecast will inspire industry professionals to explore the changing perspective of colour and the endless combinations.

“Boundaries are limitless today with using colour. We have so many choices and without the hindrance of traditional rules of how we can use colour, creativity is shining through. We are seeing some truly inspirational interiors,” she said.

The Digital Nomad

Travelling the world without leaving home, The Digital Nomad is inspired by cultures that place emphasis on energetic colour and vibrant pattern. This aesthetic creates an ambience of being immersed in the life of an Aztec tribe or caught up in the energy of a Spanish market place.

Styled by Wilhelmina McCarroll, head designer and director of Zuster, and interior stylists Bree Leech and Heather Nette King, The Digital Nomad features juxtaposed colours that form digital patterns and eclectic interiors.

The Digital Nomad demonstrates that bold colour can be used against softer tones to create an eclectic feel with a fun global influence,” said Leech.

The Retro Visionaries

It is often said that to move forward, we must look back. The Retro Visionaries encapsulates this sentiment with its strong influences taken from the late 20th century when digital culture was first emerging. Quirky, colourful and energetic, this palette relies heavily on the progressive trend of colour blocking.

Styled by well-known abstract expressionist, Rowena Martinich, together with Leech and Nette King, The Retro Visionaries makes a stand against traditional monochrome and proves that brighter can be better.

“The style of The Retro Visionaries looks towards the future but at the same time is reminiscent of the digital culture of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The playful trend is also reflective of 1950s style icons within its aesthetic,” said Martinich.

The Precious Elementals

Grounded and conscious of the earth’s natural resources, The Precious Elementals innately respect and revere these elements and their geometric forms. Enhanced, natural materials are used to represent the human influence on the natural landscape.

Styled again by McCarroll, Leech and Nette King, mineral and metal colours modernise pastels and soft greys, while patinas and raw finishes reflect the weathering effects of nature.

“I am inspired by the light and dark shades of changing weather patterns and the shadows they cast on the landscape. I also love the idea of muted tones with bright colours. There are no rules anymore as to what colours should go together; if it works, it works,” said McCarroll.

The Romantic Spirits

Seductive, sultry and rich in colour, The Romantic Spirits incorporate nostalgia and antiquities into their technologically-dominated world. The modern design reveals elements of romance from simple embellishments and flourishes resembling calligraphy strokes, to skilfully turned timber forms.

Styled by Melbourne artist, Geoffrey Carran, Leech and Nette King, The Romantic Spirits capture history with patina finishes and worn looks which are contrasted against moody colours.

“I wanted to create a space that echoes that same warm, enveloping sense that being caught up in a romance elicits. Drawing inspiration from the deep colours contrasted against lighter pastels and metallics, the Dutch Masters Still Life’s and Momento Mori were reinterpreted,” said Carran.

The four palettes of Future Tribes represent a strong balance of bold and muted colour trends for 2014. The stylists have successfully demonstrated the use of dramatic colour and how it can be used to define the look of an interior space.

These colours have all been selected from the Dulux World of Colour.  For more information on the 2014 Colour Forecast, please visit