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Proudly First: AJ Cochrane Earns Dulux Envirosolutions Accreditation

AJ Cochrane is the Dulux Envirosolutions Painter near Perth

AJ Cochrane is proud to announce that we have obtained Dulux Envirosolutions Accreditation, the first Western Australian painters to achieve this very worthy goal. Dulux Envirosolutions is a new initiative to reduce trade waste across our industry. We’re proud to be the first Western Australian painting company to reach the Dulux targets for paint bucket recycling.

AJ Cochrane is the Dulux Envirosolutions Painter near Perth

Eco-Friendly House Painters

We’ve always worked towards minimising the impact our work has on the natural environment. That’s one of the reasons we chose Dulux as our paint manufacturing partner. We tested dozens of paint brands before choosing Dulux. We believe that house painters must provide an environmentally friendly service, because, the environment we work in, is your home!

  • Superior finish. Yes, the quality of Dulux paint exceeded all other brands we tested
  • Value. While Dulux is not the cheapest paint on the market, the quality of the product means it “goes further” and the result is superior for smoothness and ease of application – so, while not the cheapest, it was the best value.
  • Tech Advancement. We’ve been painters for 90 years, so paint has come a long way since we started. Dulux has been at the vanguard of paint technology. We’ve been impressed by new products, and new initiatives.
  • Ecological R&D. Dulux actively sought to solve the industry’s problems, long before it was law. Over the years we’ve seen Dulux introduce Low VOC paints, Environmental policies for partner painters, energy-efficient manufacturing, solar powered plants and stores, plant waste waster/trade waste minimisation, and to complete voluntary Environmental Product Declarations.
  • Finally, recycling. The Dulux Envirosolutions program encourages painters to recycle a percentage of trade waste, keeping plastics and paint from landfill.

Proudly Perth’s Dulux Envirosolutions Eco-friendly Painters

After a long relationship with Dulux, we know that their commitment to reducing industry waste will bring about a significant change. We’ve seen them develop eco-friendly initiatives time and time again and know the big impacts they’ve had. So, we’re proud not only to earn this accreditation, but to do our little bit for protecting our local environment.

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