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Introducing the Dulux enviro2 range

In response to the demand for environmentally conscious products that also meet the needs of the professional trade painter, Dulux is proud to announce the re-launch of its Dulux® Professional® enviro2 range.

The goals for this range are simple:

  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Breathable spaces.
  • Professional finish.

How are these goals achieved?

Via the low-VOC paints now widely available in the Dulux Professional enviro2 range.

What are VOCs?

Short for volatile organic compounds, these are solvent and petrochemical additives that evaporate from paint during manufacturing and application. The low VOC and low-odour formulation of the enviro2 range contributes positively to the indoor air quality and reduces air pollution.

What are the benefits of the low VOC paints in the enviro2 range?

  • Reduces impact on the painter during application process
  • Reduces impact on the occupier from harmful irritants
  • Reduces environmental emissions

Other benefits of the enviro2 range include:

Mould inhibiting
The mould inhibiting properties of enviro2 helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew on the finished surface.

Low odour
The exceptionally low odour of enviro2 reduces the amount of odour detectable after application.

Green Building Council
The enviro2 range is Green Building Council approved.

All in all, the release of this range of paint is great news for both painters and their customers alike!

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