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Master Painters, Dulux Accredited… How it all Benefits YOU! 

Use Dulux Accredited and Master Painters for a quality paint job

Master Painters, Dulux Accredited… How it all Benefits YOU!

When it comes to choosing a painter for your project, you’ll want to choose a Dulux accredited painter with a history of excellence.  

After putting a lot of thought and effort into designing your space, it’s natural to want the finish to meet your vision. However, trusting this to an inexperienced painter is a fast track to disappointment because there is much more to a quality paint job than meets the eye! 

What is a Dulux Accredited Painter?

Dulux painter accreditation is offered to a select group of registered painters recognised as leaders in the industry.  

For a painter to receive accreditation, Dulux must be satisfied with the experience and skill the company offers. They also need to have confidence that the painter offers excellent customer service, is reliable and prides themselves on excellent workmanship.  

In addition, company insurance and licensing has been verified by EBIX trades monitor, so that you know your project is protected, offering invaluable peace of mind.  

If you engage a Dulux Accredited Painter, you will also receive a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty, protecting your beautiful new finish from flaking, blistering, and peeling during this time.  

What is a Master Painter?

When you choose a painter who is a member of Master Painters & Decorators Australia, you’re assured that your tradie is actively engaged in continuous learning and improvement of the industry. 

Only painters with sufficient Public Liability are eligible for membership.  

The organisation also holds prestigious industry awards on an annual basis, offering painting businesses the opportunity to showcase their talents.  

Why choose AJ Cochrane for your painting project?

AJ Cochrane & Sons is proud to have our 90 odd years of experience in the painting business formally recognised with our certification as a Dulux Accredited Painter.  

We strive to offer all our customers superb customer service and the best quality results possible each time we’re invited to be part of a project.  

In addition, as an active member of Master Builders and Decorators Australia, we make the most of opportunities to further enhance our skills, so that we bring the most up-to-date know-how to the table.  

We are pleased to have won two awards in the 2021 Master Builders and Decorators Australia Awards for Excellence

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