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Does Painting a House White Keep It Cooler?  

painting a house white


Does painting a house white on the exterior ACTUALLY keep it cooler?

As Perth braces itself for another of our famous HOT summers and BIG power bills, can the colour of your home ACTUALLY impact the temperature?  Paint technology has come a long way in providing an additional layer of insulation for homes but the question of paint colour has been debated – especially as dark greys and navy blues become all the rage.  So, what’s the answer? Does painting a house white keep it cooler? 

White painted houses vs dark colours

It’s time to reflect on this big question!  Literally.  The degree to which a colour reflects or absorbs heat energy makes a massive impact on the heat levels in your home.  Light colours, including white, reflect a far wider spectrum of wavelengths than dark colours, which simply absorb them (that’s why to the human eye, they look…dark).  Dark colours reflect very little solar light, and therefore reflect very little solar heat.  So, in short, yes, painting your house white will keep it cooler.   It’s not just white though, it’s any “light colour” reflecting plenty of light away from your home.  The more it reflects, rather than absorbs, the “lighter” the paint appears.  It’s also about the gloss.  Glossy paints reflect more light too – a glossy black however, is no substitute for a matt white.   

White exterior paint for timber houses

Timber homes offer poorer insulation than their double brick cousins but may also offer better “breeze ways” to move warm air around, and even out of the home.  Painting a timber home white will contribute to keeping temperatures down but insulation will still be absolutely necessary to minimise those summer cooling bills.    

white house exterior

And, don’t forget to paint the roof! 

Inside your ceiling cavity is a pocket of hot, hot air.  The combination of a light-coloured roof and quality ceiling insulation is the best way to minimise those Perth power bills. While you’re at it, investigate roof cooling technology – it’s come a long way!  Solar cells are designed to absorb as much light as they can, therefore saving your ceiling cavity from becoming an overhead hot box. 

Painting brick white

Double brick, with insulation, painted white.  It’s the foundation for an eco-friendlier cooling system for your home.  Painting brick white is a more complex job than it first appears.  Before you pick up a tin of Dulux white and start work, talk to us. We will help you avoid those newbie mistakes that cost you BIG time. 

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White painted houses have other challenges! 

While painting your house exterior white will help keep it cooler, it can generate other challenges.  Choosing the RIGHT white paint will help you avoid discolouration and other unsightly issues over time.  Not all whites are created equal!   We use only premium Dulux paints designed specifically to handle the Perth environment – and we all know how harsh it can be! 


Talk to us about painting your house white to minimise your power bills and maximise your street appeal. Talk to us today.


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