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3 Things to Consider When DIY Painting Gloss Tile

DIY Painting Gloss Tile

Are your gloss tiles looking old and worn? Paint them!

If you’re looking to update your old tiles, but don’t want to go to the expense of ripping up and laying new tile, the answer may be to paint them. Painting over old ceramic or glossy tiles is fast becoming a trendy and inexpensive way to update your home.

There are, however, a few things you need to consider before choosing this option for your home renovation.

DIY Painting Gloss Tile

1.     Preparation & Products

Whenever you do any type of painting, preparation using the right equipment is key. When preparing tile for painting, you should make sure the surface has been cleaned and sanded before even beginning to paint. You then need to use a primer and tile paint (water-based if painting bathroom walls, as per Three Birds Renovations’ tip) as well as a mould killer.

2.     Committing to the Area

Painting tile is not the same as painting walls. You need to commit to the area; understand that painting over tile means painting over grout.

There is also some conjecture over whether you should paint tile in high traffic areas, like the dining room or living room. Ben and Erin Napier (HGTV’s Home Town) avoid painting tile in these areas and opt for rugs or stencils for a fresh new look. Therefore, they avoid the hassle of repainting or repair down the road. This brings us to our next point: time and maintenance.

3.     Time & Maintenance

While painting tiles is considered a cost-effective measure you can easily do yourself, it does require time and maintenance.  This applies not only to the preparation stage, but the actual painting as well. Various stylists and renovators recommend cleaning at least twice before painting, with at least a day in between where no furniture is placed on the area you paint after the first coat.

Often, you will need to touch up the paint months or even years after the original paint job, especially if you opt to do the job yourself. It’s a short-term fix up, not a long-term solution.

Painting tile is an affordable way to renovate your home, but it’s not for everyone. You should prepare and have the right products, know your area and be prepared to invest some time.

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