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Restoring Your Timber Deck? Tips From Deck Painters Perth Trust

Deck Painters Perth

The Professional Deck Painters’ Tips For Restoring Your Timber Deck This Spring!

Spring is here and with it comes longer days and warm weather in Perth – and time to complete odd jobs around the house. Yes, prospective patio and deck painters, Perth weather is calling to you!  

If your deck is looking neglected, this is the perfect time to give it a little TLC before the holidays arrive and the family starts gathering to celebrate the festive season together.

Painting or staining your deck not only improves the look, but it also helps protect from damage in our Perth climate. Before you get started on your DIY rejuvenation, consider the following options and advice from the professional deck painters in Perth.

Deck Painters Perth

Paint or Stain?

The first thing you will need to decide is whether you want to restore your deck using paint or stain.

Painting your deck means using a special type of paint. You can change the colour if you want, but it is a permanent solution. That said, it does give you the opportunity to brighten up your outdoor space by adding a pop of colour if you feel adventurous. 

Stain, on the other hand, preserves the timber’s natural look. There are different types of stain and lacquer, so make sure you choose carefully. Where possible, consult professional deck or patio painters. Perth climate conditions should be taken into account when considering the best option for your deck or patio.

Application and Maintenance

There is some debate over which finish requires more maintenance, but generally, they both have the same processes in terms of upkeep – the only real difference is how often it needs to be done.

  • Cleaning and Sanding

Sweep the deck regularly. For a thorough restoration, replace any damaged timber or raised nails to avoid injury. Remove furniture and use a pressure washer to clean the deck, allowing it to dry completely. Then, sand the deck to remove any old stain or paint. Repeat the cleaning process to remove sawdust before applying stain/paint, as necessary.

  • Repainting or Restaining

As with painting walls, cut in around the edges of your deck if it butts up to walls. Use a firm brush or lambswool applicator to apply the paint/stain. Technique doesn’t matter too much; use consistent strokes. 

Remember to remove the paint tape before your initial coat dries to avoid streaks. Required coats will depend on your timber and colour preferences. 

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