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6 quick and easy ways to de-clutter your kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of a house which means a clutter-free kitchen not only makes your home in general look nicer, it also makes cooking and cleaning a little easier!

De-cluttering your kitchen can also simplify your life and I don’t know about you, but I’m personally a huge fan of a simpler life! So where to start when it comes to your kitchen a clutter-free haven? Try these six things:

1. Kitchen Drawers

It takes all of ten minute to de-clutter your drawers. Be ruthless! Anything that is broken, toss it. Anything you haven’t used in years, give it away. And if you find it really, really hard to part with something, but know you haven’t used it in years, put it in a separate container deep in a cupboard somewhere. If you still haven’t used it in three months’ time … give it away! Once you’ve sorted out what you’re keeping and what you’re tossing Brooke from Slow Your Home suggests wiping down each drawer with white vinegar and drying it with a cloth before putting everything back. She also suggests using some organisational tools, such as small bins for cookie cutters and cutlery organizers for silverware.

2. The Pantry

If you want a clutter-free pantry, start by draping an organiser over the door. According to Real Simple, a hanging organiser with plenty of pockets is the perfect spot for all the little things that create clutter, from seasoning packets and spices to tiny boxes of baking soda.

The two major things you need to do with a pantry de-clutter is toss expired food, and put things like flour, rice and pasta in sealed containers. Once you’ve pulled everything out and figured out what stays and what goes, give the pantry shelves a good wipe down before placing everything back in there.

For a more involved breakdown of de-cluttering a pantry, see Nicole from Planning with Kids’ post here. Nicole also gives some great tips for dealing with pantry moths!

Kat from The Organised Housewife also has some amazing tips here.

3. The Fridge

Your first step is to throw out all the old food and wipe down the empty space that’s sure to remain once you toss a few things. After that, take Good Housekeeping’s advice and start storing food in square containers rather than round ones, since they tend to fit more food and stack easier. In addition, HGTV recommends making meal centres within the fridge, which means storing all the ingredients for morning toast or a turkey and cheese sandwich together in one spot. I tried this last week and it was a huge time saver!

4. The Counters

If your kitchen counters are littered with papers, put them on a bulletin board or in a file folder attached to the wall to get a bit more organized and clutter free. If your issue is that your recipe books are constantly open and taking up counter space, Real Simple recommends investing in a retractable book stand that holds the book open for you while you cook and then retracts back under the cabinets.

5. Under the Sink

If you plan on de-cluttering under the sink, IHeart Organizing suggests that you first take everything out and then organise similar products into small buckets or bins. If you need a little more space for your spray bottles, add a tension rod to the area so you can hang them, then add some hooks inside the cabinet doors so you can easily store dish rags.

6. The Cupboards

If your plastics are not exactly organized, Good Housekeeping states that you can clear out clutter by putting a small dish rack in the cupboard to keep all your lids tidy. If your issue is the many lids to your pots and pans, consider trading them in for a few universal lids that can fit a wide range of cookware. And if your cupboard clutter mostly consists of seasonal items, such as holiday-themed cookie cutters or an ice cream maker, think about storing them with your decorations for fast access when you will actually use them.

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