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What Does It Really Cost to Paint House Interiors Yourself?

Cost to paint interior of house

3 Hidden Costs to Budget For in Your DIY House Painting Project

DIY is a great way to keep costs down when rejuvenating your home. And maybe you’ve been thinking of DIY painting without hiring a professional? But have you considered the true cost to paint? Interior of house painting can present many challenges that the weekend DIYer isn’t prepared for. Before you pick up a paint brush and get to work, you may want to consider the unexpected costs of DIY painting the interior of your house. 

What it costs to paint the interior of houses

Painting your home yourself can save you between $2000 to $6000, with professional painters charging a minimum of  $4500  for your average three bedroom, two bathroom home (according to Hipages). 

Let’s take a look at three main costs you may not have factored into your budget when planning your DIY paint job.  

1. Tools 

Cost to paint interior of house

You need the right tools for the job. This includes:

  • Paint brushes and roller kit
  • Quality painter’s tape
  • Electric sander
  • Drop cloths 
  • Spakfilla 
  • Paint stirrer, scraper
  • Ladder 
  • Sugar soap, mould killer
  • Safety goggles and mask

Hardwares price these at approximately $455.00. But a professional has their own tools, with costs factored into your quote. If your DIY is a one-off, why spend money on expensive tools? 

If your walls are in bad condition, you’ll also need to replace the plasterboard, potentially blowing your DIY budget.

2. Paint

Most of your DIY budget will be spent on paint, and you need to decide on the right type of quality paint. Use an online calculator to work out how much you need, allowing for extra coats on banged-up walls. Don’t skimp on prep work as it will improve your finish and reduce required coats. 

3. Time and Capability

Celebrity interior designers and DIYers make painting look easy, but the truth is: it’s not. It’s hard work, and you need to consider if you’re physically able to tackle the job, especially if replacing walls before painting. Professionals are trained in safety standards and carry insurance for accidents. 

Time is money, and painting takes time. On average, you can expect it to take about 5.5 hours to paint a room. Whether you’re able to devote that time in one block or over several weeks is up to you. But how much you value your time compared to paying a professional should be a cost you factor into your budget. 

There is nothing that beats the feeling of a DIY done well. But if life is already busy with work and family commitments, you may just decide that handing over the job to the professionals is the best investment you can make.

Looking for the cost to paint your house interior? 

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