{Colours of Perth} Sky on Fire


You know how you sometimes point your phone at a sunset and think ‘there’s no way it’s going to capture the glory of what I see before me’. Well on this particular occasion, my little iPhone did quite an amazing job.

I have no idea what particular fluke of atmospherics lead to this result, but the sky was spectacular on this particular evening. It threw up such unlikely colours I found myself excitedly calling my four year old to “Come, look!” and then delighting in his *gasp* and the reaction: “Mummy, it’s BEAUTIFUL”.

So good.

Trying to extract a colour palette from it, I had to choose between honouring the deep purples and vibrant pinks, or heading towards the subtler orange shades. In the end, I went with the purples and pinks because orange … I can get that out of any sunset I reckon. But these cotton candy hues? I can’t think when they’ll be presenting themselves again!

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