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{Colours of Perth} Purple and Green should never be seen

There is this wonderful old lady who lives on our street. I gather she’s lived here pretty much forever as she told me her kids went to the same primary school my son goes to now. She lost her husband and her dog in the same week a few years back now and remembering this breaks my heart every time I see her as it reminds me of how long my grandma had to live without my grampa. She seems happy though.

Of course she loves a chat and knows everyone in the street. If you want to find out who’s moving in and out, when building is going to start in the empty block in the lane behind, what time ‘those boys’ were up partying until last night, she knows. She is an absolute delight and every street in Australia should have one of her. (I am not sharing her name here because it’s not mine to share.)

Anyway, in addition to having the most immaculate lawn in Australia (it looks like she cuts each blade individually with a pair of nail scissors), her front verge boasts the most amazing purple and green ground cover. I don’t know why but I am a bit obsessed with a good ground cover! Possibly because we failed miserably at getting one to take hold at our old house and I want to know what everyone else’s secret is.

And it’s also possible that I have an affinity with this particular ground cover as is reminds me of my beloved Fremantle Dockers.Whatever the reason, I cannot walk past it without stopping to admire it so of course it had to become a colour chart.

As you can see from the above, every shade of purple under the sun appears here. Just one leaf runs the full gamut, from it’s deep dark veins right through to a silvery shade where the sunlight kisses the edges. Of course there is green above too, but in the same way purple and green don’t belong together on footy jumpers (something my Dockers took a while to figure out), so too do they not belong together in any colour chart of mine 😉

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