{Colours of Perth} Coastal Greens


There’s a coastal bush path that runs between Dunsborough and Meelup south of Perth. And I’ve run this path more times than I count. It throws up every surface from soft beach sand to wooden bridges to protruding rocks. For me this means I can’t really take my eyes off the darn path!

If I could, and if I were to glance to my right as I ran, the above is what I would see. Iridiscent blue waters lapping against orange/red, granite rocky outcrops that eventually give way to dense native bush. While the water and rocks are worthy of their own colour charts, it’s the native bush that’s providing the inspiration today.

And if a strong green palette with sharp contrasts and a very Aussie feel is what you’re after, you can’t go too wrong with this one. It’s very similar to the contrasts you would get between the leaves and silvery bark of a eucalytpus tree.

Maybe the designers of the Australian Commonwealth Games uniform should have started here when looking for their colour inspiration?!

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