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Christmas colour inspiration

When it comes to Christmas my mum is very traditional and each year wheels out the same Christmas tree and same decorations in regular old Christmas colours ie there is a heavy weighting towards red and green.

Me, I like to change things up every year and in recent times have gone with turquoise and silver (2012) and blue, pink and purple (2011). This year we are living with my father-in-law while we build a house and am finding it hard to muster up the energy to even put up a Christmas tree, much less decorate to a colour scheme. So in lieu of decorating my own house (because I don’t have one right now) I thought I would offer you all three possible colour schemes for YOUR place. Let me know if you have a favourite in the comments!

Turquoise and Gold

To me turquoise most logically goes with silver, but I have to say, these pictures below have nearly got me convinced that gold is just as good in combination.

Silver all by itself

Now I know a monochromatic colour scheme isn’t all that festive … but it’s pretty classy don’t you think? And I particularly love the way silver looks against all the various Christmas greenery … even the good old Australian eucalypt!

Traditional Red and Green

This one is for everyone who is like my mum and a bit of a traditionalist at heart. Nothing says Christmas like red and green and as the below shows, that colour scheme need not be boring.

Do any of the above colour schemes catch your eye? Or is your house sporting something a little different this year? Share your plans in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Christmas colour inspiration

  1. Not a fan of red and green – it reminds me too much of Christmas decorations in the 80s! This year I have gone with white, silver and blue (kind of a teal blue, if that makes sense). I think it’s simple, stylish and summery!

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