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5 tips on choosing artwork for your home

Choosing the right piece of artwork for your home sets a tone for your house and it does not have to be expensive or hard work. You can have a lot of fun researching the online retailers and galleries in the comfort of your home and you will get a good feel for the style, colour or inspiration you like, fairly quickly. Here are 5 tips to consider before you purchase that special piece.

1. Style and colour

The first question we need to ask ourselves, what style and colour appeals? Depending where you intend to hang your art, keep in the mind what the area is used for. Bedrooms need serenity, using soft and peaceful colours. If you want to use brighter colours and bolder patterns, those are better used in your living areas. It is not imperative, but it helps if your artwork has a little of the background colour that matches your wall colour. Ensure your art harmonises with your soft furnishings.

2. Artwork does not have to be expensive

Sure artwork can be very costly but you can find moderately priced authentic works at the smaller galleries, art-school shows, art fairs and auctions. Don’t forget the online retailers. They don’t have the big overheads the galleries have and they have some great sales from time to time, so keep browsing

3. Make sure you totally love it

Don’t just choose a piece of art just because it fits the space, falling in love is number one! Of course, size is definitely a factor, but if you have fallen heavily in love you will find the space in your home where it will be perfect, and you can always adjust the colour of your décor items for maximum effect.

4. Arranging your artwork gallery

If you are working with several pieces of art, planning is the key to achieve the gallery look. Arrange your art pieces on the floor in front of the wall where you intend to hang them and switch pieces around. Once you are happy with the arrangement make paper templates (with names) and blue tac them to the wall (don’t forget the 5cm or 10cm space between all of the pieces). If you don’t feel it looks balanced, adjust the templates until you are satisfied – this is especially important if you are hanging small and larger pieces all together. Replace each template with the corresponding picture (one at a time) leave the blue tac in place so you know exactly where each piece needs to go.

5. Caring for your artwork

Congratulations you have purchased a stunning watercolour, ensure you take good care of it by not placing it in direct sunlight. An internal wall with indirect light is the perfect spot. Humidity and artwork don’t go together, so avoid areas such as the bathroom. Kitchens are renowned for producing dirt and grease, so any artwork close by should be encased in matt glass, which will also minimise reflection. Beware of skinny hallways as art can get knocked about. Care for your artwork like it is part of the family cause you are going to enjoy its company for many years to come.

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