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Can I Paint Tiles? Your Questions Answered

Can I Paint Tiles

Can I Paint Floor Tiles

Can I Paint Tiles? Even Floor Tiles?

When it comes to painting, there are limits to how much you can DIY. In this article, we tell you whether you can paint tiles, particularly floor tiles, and why painting floor tiles is best left to professional painters. 

Can I paint tiles?

Yes, you can paint tiles. But it’s not as simple as you might think.  

Preparation when painting tile is different to painting walls. It’s important to ensure there are no leaks or damage to the existing tile before you start, as once it’s painted, you cannot easily fix cracked tile without ripping it up.  

Remember, all paint is not the same. Dulux Renovation Range has paint specially designed for painting tile.  

Can I paint floor tile?

This is a question DIYers often ask, and as with painting wall tiles, the answer is complex.  

It is possible to paint floor tile, but the more important question is: should I paint floor tile as a DIYer? 

The answer to this is probably no. While Dulux floor tile paint is specifically developed for painting floor tile in high traffic areas like hallways, kitchen and bathrooms, it’s best left to professional painters when it comes to application.  

All furniture must be removed and you must commit to the area. If you aren’t able to complete the job in one go, you may be inconvenienced for weeks or even months. Professional painters paint floor tiles quickly and efficiently.  

Painting floor tiles is never really a long-term renovation solution, but with professional painters, you have more chance of it lasting longer. When painting floor tiles, preparation is key, particularly regarding how paint is applied, what the room is used for, grouting, and managing broken tile repairs.  

When you paint floor tiles, the paint must be water-based.  Any other paint will flake quickly and not hold up to wear and tear the way purpose-built paints like Dulux floor tile paint is designed to.  

Given Dulux floor tile paint comes in a variety of textures and colours, professional Perth painters like AJ Cochrane & Sons will also be able to advise you on how to reduce wear and tear, and proper cleaning methods after application. 

The real question about painting floor tiles

Asking can I paint tile – even floor tiles – isn’t the right question. The real question is should I paint tiles? And in reality, some paint jobs are best left to the professionals.  

Contact us today to discuss all your tile painting options!

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