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Are My Tenants Allowed to Paint My House? 

Are tenants allowed to paint house when they are renting?
Tenants painting a rental in bright blue paint. Are tenants allowed to paint house when renting?

Can My Tenants Paint My House Without Permission?

As a landlord in Western Australia, you may wonder, are tenants allowed to paint houses without permission? If a pesky tenant leaves your property with hot pink walls in your modern black and white living room without your permission, what can you do? 

What are the rules about a tenant painting rental properties?

Generally, if it’s not permitted in the agreement between landlord and tenant, the tenant is to refrain from painting work without permission. It always depends on the terms of the agreement. Some contracts may require consent or they may prohibit any changes entirely. If a tenant repairs something by just giving a touch up or filling up a hole in the wall, they may be able to paint without permission. Most of the time, however, tenants should refer to their agreement and ask permission from their landlord. But of course, legalities don’t stop all tenants from starting their own DIY renovation projects… 

What are the risks of a DIY paint job?

On the face of it, painting looks like something anyone can do. But there are a lot of things to think about and prepare. Walls need to be cleaned, evened out and sanded, carpets and skirting boards need to be protected and you need to pick the right colour and quality of paint! You’re likely to be left with a worse job than before if a professional isn’t involved. This can mean damage to flooring or a horrendous colour you never wanted, leaving you with more work to do – and more money that needs to be spent.  

Are tentants allowed to paint house? Tenants painting rental properties can result in paint damage to carpets and other repair costs.

What can you do if a tenant has painted your rental property without permission?

Of course, there are legal avenues you can explore if you find your vacated property has been left with a terrible paint job. You’ll likely be able to make a claim for breach of the tenancy agreement and keep the bond. Please seek legal advice if you want to pursue any claims. 

But what about the actual paint job itself that you’re still stuck with? You don’t want to try and fix up the tenant’s botched paint job with another DIY. It is not as simple just painting a new coat of paint over it. You might not get the colour or shade you want!  

At AJ Cochrane & Sons, we are professionally trained to give you a clean quality finish. Protect your investment with professional painting completed by experts in the trade! 

Had a tenant paint without permission? We can fix it!
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