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How Does Anti-Graffiti Coating Work?

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti Graffiti Coating

How Does Anti-Graffiti Coating Work?

If you own a home or business at high risk of vandalism due to graffiti, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a product on the market that can completely change your approach to this costly issue. Anti-graffiti coating is Perth’s solution to a common problem. 

If preventing costly clean-ups, repairs, and replacements due to graffiti on your home or business is what you are here for, then you are in the right place. AJ Cochrane & Sons have been Commercial Painters in Perth for more than 90 years. As Dulux Accredited Master Painters, we understand the importance of street appeal, customer loss due to offensive or unsightly graffiti, and the inconvenience of repeatedly repainting surfaces.  

Repainting VS painting it once with Dulux Anti Graffiti Paint and Coating for easy clean-up

Developments in paint and coating incorporating nanotechnology have bought to the market the creation of hydrophobic coatings. The tightly bonded top layers repel liquids such as spills and mess, but most importantly, paint. The Dulux range is the new camo wear to fight against the expensive clean up after graffiti. What once was an expensive and drawn-out exercise to replace, resurface or repaint, is now as simple as a high pressure clean.  

DIY VS Professional Anti-Graffiti Painting

Dulux Anti-Graffiti Paint is an external paint, and any external painting is almost always best left to the professionals for several reasons. First, externals of commercial buildings are generally almost always bricks, and the type of brick dictates what kind of preparation you will need. Second, common bricks and face bricks have a completely different surface which, without consideration to their specific prep needs, can mean the difference between a high-grade professional finish that will last you years, and a disappointing finish that will not stand up to the purpose it is designed for.  

The externals for commercial and residential areas that may need protection from graffiti can be wood, tin, brick, painted, mixed textures or raw surfaces. Professional Master Painters know what preparation each surface needs, and just as imperative, which anti-graffiti coating will be the greatest asset for each surface.  

Painting the external surface of any building, commercial or residential, can be fiddly, has many considerations and traps that a professional is used to dealing with, without the added concern of safety regarding electricity, plumbing and other fixtures.  

Get that Anti-Graffiti look that just needs a quick high pressure clean

You can undoubtedly DIY when it comes to anti graffiti painting, but if you want a flawless, professional, and cost-effective finish guaranteed to save you thousands in continual graffiti clean-up, call a professional Dulux Accredited Perth painter! After all, this is a great product for raising your street appeal and maintaining heritage buildings, however don’t forget to consider who would be the best commercial painter for you.

Need an anti graffiti painting quote? 

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