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7 ways to bring more of the colour teal into your home

If you go back a bit in time, you’ll see the colour teal featuring as a cornerstone colour of many 70’s and 80’s interiors.

Fast forward to now, and as tends to happen with colours and styles, teal has come back into vogue again. Experts tell us we are drawn to this rich hue not only because it is a happy colour but also because it controls and heals our emotions, creating emotional balance and stability.

Sounds perfect for any home, right?

Here are seven ways you can bring more of the colour teal into your home. If you are wondering whether to choose a warm or cool undertone check with your painting professional, their advice will help you get it right from the start.

  1. Try a teal glass splashback or tiled splashback in the kitchen – this looks amazing with white cabinetry
  2. Add teal accents via teal cushions on your kitchen chairs or stools
  3. Boost the contemplation factor of libraries and studies with teal accented artwork or rugs. Couple with wood and/or rattan for a calming and reflective outcome
  4. Both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms can benefit from a pop of teal. It pairs beautifully with red, pink and green as a secondary colour
  5. If you want a classic look, try a teal accent wall with a gold framed mirror
  6. If you have a living room with high ceilings and wood beams paint the ceiling (in between the wood beams) in a shade of teal, stay with cool white walls and add a pop of brown in the décor
  7. And finally, who would have thought in 2020 we would be think of bringing back velvet covered sofas (that is so 1970’s)! But a teal upholstered velvet sofa is so chic now. When placed in front of a navy-blue accent wall with brownish red cushions, it will ooze elegance.

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