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5 Renovation Tips that will Add Great Value to your House

kitchen reno
kitchen reno

Buying or building a house is one of the most expensive purchases we ever make, so it makes sense to maintain our houses and keep them in a mint condition.  As our houses age, however, there does come a time where simple maintenance is not enough – certain aspects of the house will need to be updated and modernised.

Given renovations don’t generally come cheap here are 5 tips which will help your valuable asset keep appreciating, but hopefully won’t break the bank!

1. Rip up the carpet

Thanks to the prevalence of allergies, more and more homes are going carpet free these days – yes, even in bedrooms! Carpet is so hard to keep clean. In many old homes when you rip up the old carpet you find beautiful wooden floorboard underneath. Such a fantastic way to give your home an update that is stylish yet timeless. No floorboards hiding beneath your tired old carpet? Never fear, there are heaps of cost-effective, do it yourself floorboard options on the market currently.

2. Repair the roof

Yep, this is pretty unglamorous. I mean who cares about the roof right? But there’s little point in doing lots of changes to your interior if your roof leaks in heavy rain. And your roof is also a big factor in the street appeal of your house. Regardless of whether you have tiles or colourbond on your roof, simply getting someone up there to pressure clean it can make a huge difference to the perceived value of your house.

3. Add an ensuite

This is not a cheap thing to do, but it’s very much expected of any house in 2016 – the main bedroom should have an ensuite attached. Get a professional to do the plumbing and tiling and then shop around for the rest. You’ll be surprised at what you can save by sourcing your own cabinets, fittings and accessories.

4. Open up dark and dingy rooms

Older houses always tend to have a room or two (often the kitchen/dining!) that are dark and closed off. It’s not hard to open these spaces up and introduce some light. A single solid door can become a double glass door. Windows can be added. And if budget is tight, skylights are relatively inexpensive to install.

5. Update your kitchen

Yes, kitchen renovations can cost a fortune. But they don’t HAVE to. Replace tired old benchtops with engineered stone, paint your cabinets, add new handles and voila! It will feel like an amazing new kitchen. Given how much the kitchen is the centre of any house these days, any money you spend in there will be returned to you many times over going forward.

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