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5 important things to consider when choosing a commercial painting contractor

Painting commercial properties are definitely not for small inexperienced painting contractors. It takes highly experienced leadership, qualified managers and teams of skilful painters to undertake these kinds of projects.

Before choosing a painting contractor for your commercial painting job, it’s best to ensure they tick all of the the five following boxes first:

1. Excellent communication

Large projects require interaction between many layers of skilled professionals, from a variety of managers, supervisors and the painting team. It is essential that everyone involved fully understands the schedule, the type of business the job is for and the day to day functions of that business. For instance: closing down is generally not an option for established commercial sites, therefore it is the upmost importance there are clear communications between all parties..

2. Planning is paramount

Scrupulous planning is at the heart of every project – but particularly large-scale painting projects. Those managing the job have to juggle an incredible amount of detail. If a commercial painting company is surviving and growing in this type of industry, it’s likely because of their precise planning skills.

3. Expert leadership

Commercial painting projects are typically complex and involve multiple painters and often, other trades too. Strong leadership qualities are needed when supervising these projects. When complexity and confusion present themselves, making informed decisions quickly onsite and ensuring teams of painters are directed in the most efficient way possible will save valuable time and money.

4. Experienced painters

It goes without saying commercial painting jobs require the skills of highly experienced painters. So it’s a good idea to research the commercial projects that have been undertaken by the contractors you are considering. In the beginning it is the Managers who meticulously plot the project, but at the end of the day the company’s painting team are the ones who ensure the finished product is beyond reproach. You need to look at companies like AJ Cochrane who carefully screen, select, train and retain the best painters.

5. Insurance and Workers Compensation

Don’t just assume because you are dealing with a big commercial contractor they have the right type of insurance and workers compensation cover. It is imperative you verify the status of their insurance cover. It’s a horrifying thought but you don’t want to be liable if a worker hurts himself on your property.

Ultimately, it’s best to do your homework before engaging the services of a commercial painting contractor. The company you engage must have the collective knowledge and experience to tackle your project, whether it is small or large.  Review the contract carefully, and if you feel unsure, don’t take the risk and sign off thinking it will be okay.  Get an expert to examine the contract.. Yes it will cost extra but it will save you money in the long run.

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