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5 home decorating tips for de-stressing

Stress, everyone’s life is filled with it. We all have busy hectic lives and it is not unusual to feel anxious after an extremely demanding day at school or work.  With a few décor changes you can create a peaceful home environment which will calm and energise you.  Retrieve your sanity and bring tranquillity back into your home with these five de-stressing tips!

1. Open up a small room

Lack of space in a small room could be adding to your anxiety.  Home decorating 101:  How to create an illusion of space and light in a small room.  Paint the walls white and invest in some slimline Scandinavian furniture.  If replacing furniture is out of the question, go minimalistic – less furniture is better. This will have an immediate effect of opening the room up and elevating one’s mood.

2. Remove the daily debris and clutter

Try spending five minutes a day removing the daily debris (daily newspapers, shoes, school bags) from all of the communal areas. Clutter, who needs it?! All those ornaments and picture frames just collect dust. Remove what you can, this simple act certainly helps to clear a confused mind.

3. Aromatherapy and lighting

Nothing soothes the nerves more than a sweet smelling candle or a diffuser with essential oils burning. Lavender creates an instant calm and as well as promoting wellbeing. Zesty lemon is another favourite to lift your mood. If your lights are too bright, why not add some soft LED lighting for that total wind down.

4. Simplify your colour scheme

It might be time to adjust your colour scheme in your home – overly bright colours and mixed patterns tend to arouse rather than calm us.  Your bedroom especially needs to radiate a gentle and restful feel. The Professionals believe light blue, green or neutral tones are the best colours for easing you peacefully into some steady z’s.

5. Switch off electronics

Try not to have any computers/phones and TVs in your bedroom – electronic devices stimulate activity in our brains. If removing the TV from the bedroom is not possible, encase it in a cabinet with doors. If you do have a few problems getting a good night’s sleep,  be careful with the TV programs you are watching late at night.  Crime shows are notorious for getting your heart racing!

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