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5 DIY jobs to do around the house before Christmas

For most of us, a range of annoying little jobs have built up over the course of the past year. Now, with Christmas upon us, it’s suddenly become important to take care of those jobs before people descend on our homes for Christmas festivities. Here are five DIY jobs you can do in the next few days that will not only get your home ready for the big day, it will make you feel good too.

1. Outdoor working bee for the whole family

A couple of hours in the garden with the family, raking and pulling out weeds, can make a huge difference how your garden presents over the festive season.  Don’t use chemicals to kill the weeds between the brick paving, a few jugs of hot water will do the job, and the environment will love you.  If you have any spare pots, plant some colourful annuals and place them near the front of the house for something very pretty and welcomingly. 

2. Paint the spare room

The mother-in-law is staying over Christmas and you have only just noticed the walls in the spare room are looking pretty bad. Washing the walls is a possibility, but a quick coat of paint would look even better. If the budget allows, add a new doona cover with a few cushions on display.

3. Replace a broken toilet seat

Broken toilet seats – nothing looks worse! And that’s not even taking into account the comfort factor! This is so easily fixed – there are seats galore at the hardware shops and they start at $20. So, no more pretending the toilet seat will mend itself, replace it.

4. Minor bathroom tweaks

Have you got grotty grout in the bathroom? There are two good options to fix this problem: grout pens and paint. The pens are good, but sometimes getting the right colour can be a problem. The grout paints do give you the ability to mix colours, making matching so much easier. Add some new towels and soaps and you completed the transformation. Grout paint and pens are available from the big hardware shops including Bunnings.

5. Clean

Cleaning windows is not something that is done a regular basis but it is amazing how much brighter and lighter a room looks after the windows have been cleaned. Of course, time is an issue, you cannot spend day’s cleaning all the windows in the house, so be very selective about what you take on. A quick dust, vacuum add some nice smelling candles, the house is now shining from top to bottom.

Happy Christmas and Ho Ho!

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