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5 colour tips for re-painting your office

If your team is starting to feel a little lethargic and uninspired, maybe the cure could lie in freshening up your office environment. And the easiest way to do that is by re-painting your office walls. What colours should you paint your walls to get the best results from your team? Glad you asked!

1. Yellow and Aqua

Yellow and Aqua are very cheerful. And you certainly don’t have to paint the whole office in these colours. Just a wall or two can  immediately lift people’s spirits. These colours are particularly great for creative designers who need to be innovative and imaginative.

One caution about yellow, however. Don’t use it in a conference or meeting room. There is evidence it can cause anxiety and may increase the risk of someone losing their temper. Not good!

2. Blue

Would you like your staff to be more effective and stimulated? Then blue is your colour. Bright blues = greater stimulation. Lighter shades evoke trust and calm.

3. Red

Red is a strong and stimulating colour and can make workers more productive. It’s especially useful in more physical workplaces like gyms. In the retail trade red is the go-to colour to alert shoppers of bargains.  Moderation  is the key word for red and other very bold colours as it does have the tendency to make people feel a little agitated.

4. White

Avoid white in the office if possible as it’s considered very sterile and cold. If eradicating everything white sends you into a spin why not paint some feature walls. This will totally lift the mood adding a little happiness back into the office, while still retaining some of the neutral aspect.

5. Green

Green as a colour has been used in clinical situations for years.  When we  think  of green we think of outdoors and nature, which symbolizes growth and health  Green is quite often used  in the office situations where money changes hands.  Stressful office environments would benefit from having some green in their office.

The psychology behind paint colours is very intriguing and interesting.   If you have a small business why not include staff into the colour decision, as the basis of re-painting is to create a happy and productive environment for all.

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