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4 Wallpaper Trends to Take Note of in 2016

Fashions come and go and when it comes to wallpaper, we’re happy to report this is a fashion that’s coming back in. This time round, however, it’s been rejuvenated – there are so many fabulous colours, textures and designs to choose from.

So how do you work wallpaper into your modern home and ensure it doesn’t immediately drag it back into the 1950s? The keys are to choose carefully, don’t overdo a good thing and combine it with a soft paint hue.

When it comes to themes, here are the four that are proving popular at the moment:

1. Botanical – bring the outside in

Beautiful gardens, trees, birds or butterflies create a calm and peaceful wonder in your home.  So much so you will see different aspects in your wallpaper each time you look at it.  This style of wallpaper is so pretty especially for one of your walls in your bedroom.  

2. The ‘natural’ look

This trend is so interesting – a lot of the time you don’t realise what you’re looking at is wallpaper! This is particularly great way to bring an industrial feel to your home without the need to bring in a whole bunch of expensive materials. (We’re talking concrete blocks, bricks and wood panelling here!).

3. City skylines

This is a style of wallpaper that looks very effective on one wall. Some designs are now even available in 3D!  Imagine the feeling of standing in the middle of downtown Manhattan, amongst all those the multinational conglomerates but you are really in your Theatre room. Too cool! Do your research and make sure you get something you really love and you won’t tire of it quickly. (Changing your mind after the wallpaper has been installed is not an easy fix.)

4. Metallics

Metallics are totally hot right now but try not to go overboard. They are a trend that can date very quickly so it’s best to use this striking effect in small quantities so it can stand the test of time for a little bit longer than most ‘hot right now’ trends.

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