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4 striking colours you can choose for a feature wall

For a dramatic impact, there is nothing quite like painting walls in bold colours. But, even though we are in awe of those amazingly colourful Italian and French apartments and stately homes, Australians are more conservative and most of us are not quite ready for that overall ‘in-your-face’ effect.

So, why not consider a rich dark accent wall or feature wall as it is usually referred to over here. It is budget-friendly and will make an impressive impact in any room.

Here are four strong classic feature wall colours to ponder:

1. A Red Blaze

It does take a bit of courage to paint a wall red. Before you rush out and buy that paint though, check out some home magazines/paint brochures or go online to check it definitely appeals to your tastes. It can look awesome but you need to be sure before you commit because it is a dramatic statement. Team it up with a similar colour armchair and patterned curtain with a splash of red in it, and wow!

2. A Dash of Navy

Navy has never really been out of fashion. It’s classic, strong and powerful while combining well with many other hues.  In the bedroom a wall of navy behind the bedhead will look superb. A quilt cover or bedspread in soft shades, (teal/beige) piped with navy is what country elegance is all about.

3. Deep Dark Green

History tells us in the 1800’s only the very rich had their interior walls painted in dark colors, including green. Sadly the poor had to be satisfied with white walls. Of course that is not relevant today. A wall of dark green comes immediately to a life, especially when you add a splash of pink, neutral furniture and subtle wood flooring. The feel is modern, with inspiration for warmer weather and a hint of spring.

4. Terrific Teal

Teal tops the colour charts, it has been said it is the hottest trend for any modern interior. Teal has a fresh clean feel, and integrating it into your home is a breeze. Teal can look brilliant on one wall, or even just in your décor accessories. The other beauty of teal is it can be teamed up with virtually any colour. So if you have a love for that colour, just go for it!

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