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3 important reasons why your painting contractor needs to be licensed in WA

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So you’ve finally found the right painting contractor at the right price and you are bursting to say “When can you start?”

A word of advice: it’s important to do your due diligence first. The unfortunate reality is, more and more unqualified painters are carrying out sub-standard work these days, and they are leaving many customers out of pocket.

Here are the three reasons why your next painting contractor needs to be licensed:

1. Insurance

Unlicensed contractors often don’t have insurance. Licensed painting contractors, on the other hand, MUST have Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance cover for a reason. This is to protect you, the home owner, as much as the painting contractor. Not all jobs are hassle free, accidents do happen. Without the right insurance cover, you the home owner could be personally liable for damage caused by the contractor to your home, and even injuries sustained by the contractor while working on your property.

2. Workmanship guarantees

Whether you’re buying a fridge or car, you’re always given a guarantee against a faulty product. It follows that you should receive the same from a painting contractor. A guarantee from an unlicensed painter is pretty much worthless. The Building Commission of WA is in place to protect you, the consumer, but they cannot do that if you employ someone that is not registered with them.

3. No contract

If you have managed some home renovation projects, you would know how difficult it can get if don’t have a detailed schedule outlining every part of the job being undertaken. A written quote or document outlining all aspects of the job on the contractor’s letterhead is essential, otherwise it can be open to interpretation. The Building Commission can and will intervene if there is an issue between a licensed contractor and their client. Unlicensed contractors, however, can’t be held accountable.

How do you know if a painter is registered?

If you got a contractor’s name from an advertisement, check to see if it includes his painter’s registration number, (which is required by law). Verify registration details online at the Building Commission website here.

Always ask the prospective contractor show you their Registration certificate.

Thinking of engaging an unregistered painter?

Before doing so, it would pay you to read sections 4 & 4A of the Painters registration Act 1961

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