4 reasons why brown is the new grey

If you were a homeowner in the 70’s you will remember ‘Mission Brown’. Interestingly none of us used it with much imagination but at the time it was the ‘in colour’.

Well hold onto your seats because brown is having a resurgence in a big way.

Colour psychology is an important part of the training painting professionals and interior decorators undergo, so it no wonder brown is charming them with it’s earthy, natural feel, endless colour assortment and the flexibility to use it in so many ways. Here are four reasons why brown is the new grey for our homes.

1. Natural and wholesome from the dining room to the office

Natural and wholesome are two of the words designers use to describe brown paint when used in spaces such as a dining room or office. Paint the walls in a soft mushroom with warm white skirting, cornices and ceiling and feel the magic each time you sit around the dinner table or sink into that comfy brown leather chair in your office.

2. Sweet dreams in the bedroom

Using brown in the bedroom? Who would have thought? But brown does have an association with calm and that is exactly what is needed for a good night’s sleep. Start with an accent wall in a deep chocolate brown, with the remaining walls in a light beige. Bring in natural tones with rattan, jute rug, and linen sheets to complete the sense of peace.

3. Old houses

If you love your old Victorian, Federation or Colonial house because of its history, and you are contemplating a re-paint, don’t hesitate to stay with those historical colours which tell us so much about that era. Rich colours such as brown, red and green were grounded in many of those period homes. These colours are warm, friendly, practical and dependable. Do consult a professional who has experience painting historical homes, they know how to restore these beauties to their former glory.

4. Industrial chic

Industrial chic continues to grow in popularity and brown is one of the colours that works well with this style. Keep the colour scheme simple combining brown with grey and black. You might not be converting a factory into an apartment, but you can still create that industrial vibe with the right colour palette complimented by steel, glass and polished concrete.

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