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10 questions to ask a professional house renderer

Render House

Most of us spend a quite a bit of time and money on the interior of our houses but over the years very little love and attention goes into caring for the exterior of our homes.

A professional exterior paint job can rejuvenate lots things but if you have a brick home, painting the bricks often doesn’t seem to cut it!

Happily, there is another option. Why not render your home’s exterior walls? The aesthetic benefits of a professional render job will transform and modernise the look of your home while at the same time preventing corrosion from the sun, rain, frost and sea salt.

Should you DIY the rendering of your home?

It is possible, but there are so many pitfalls that will impact the value of your home:

  • Uneven/crooked walls
  • Cracking and crumbling render

Get lots of advice but be sensible. Most of us do not have the skills for this type of work. Doing it yourself and doing it badly it could cost you much more in the long run. And remember, we want to add value to our house, not reduce it.

How do you choose a professional renderer for your home?

It’s important to be clear in your questioning. Better still, give every tradesman who quotes the job a copy of the same questions. That will make it easier to compare them and help you make an informed decision.

Side note: If you are preparing your house for sale, do your consumer research. It is a simple thing to check with a real estate agent about, ‘What colours most appeal to buyers?’ It will always pay dividends.

Back to choosing a professional to render your home. Here are 10 questions to help you make the right decision for your house.

  1. What product do you recommend? For instance, is it a traditional sand cement mixture or is it sand-based acrylic product? What else is available
  2. How do you rate the longevity of these products?
  3. What are the difference finishes can you have and is there one you prefer over the others?
  4. What finish do you recommend for my home and why?
  5. How many coats would you apply?
  6. What is the secret to getting straight crisp corners of the house?
  7. How long do you guarantee your work for, and what does the guarantee cover?
  8. Please supply a written quote on the different products and proposed finishes.
  9. What type of insurance cover do you have?
  10. And finally would you be willing to show me two houses you have recently rendered?

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